Unique hand tied bouquets in a dazzling array of colours, scents and packaging. All roses are grown in our Dorset garden, meaning no carbon footprint, no air miles and your roses can be left in the garden where they belong!


Order one of our popular hand tied bouquets, tied with ribbon and come complete with a jam jar in a stylish gift box for £10, including delivery within 10 miles of Bridport, Dorset. Our roses are grown in our Dorset garden and freshly picked that morning. Colours can be mixed, individually displayed or arranged with other seasonal plants from the garden such as sweet pea, alchemilla mollis, lavender, mint and rosemary.


From November to May we use other scented flowers from the garden such as narcissus and hyacinths, so we are able to offer a service all year round.


As roses supplied are seasonal, colours and rose variety may vary depending on what is available at the time of order, but we are happy to discuss your requirements.  Please click here to view our gallery.


Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Roses for Gifts



Seasonal Flowers by Rosa Cheney can be ordered and collected from West Dorset or Cave Decorative Arts, 12 Clarendon Cross, London W11 4AP


Please contact to order


Email: emilycave@rosacheney.com / Tel:01308 482266 / 07787 512386